Aberration is (c) to Legend Maker.

Real Name Anton Hensen

Known Aliases None.

First Episode/DC Appearance None; original character.

First Story Appearance Black and White

Weapons None.

Powers Constantly mutating black ooze, strengthened by heat.

Current Status Contained at S.T.A.R. Labs.


Aberration first appeared as a horrifically mutated black ooze that could take a more definite form much like Plasmus. While Plasmus is a human who turns into a monster while awake, Aberattion was a depressed masochist who attempted to commit suicide by injecting his body with as many chemicals as possible. Instead of dying, it transformed him into a science experiment gone wrong. Heat increases its powers tremendously by speeding up the atoms and mutations in its body. Aberration cannot hold it's shape for an indefinite amount of time, and is constantly mutating into deadly and often disgusting monsters. Currently being held in STAR labs, frozen solid and shattered into hundreds of ice shards.